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Luonto Brand Knowledge

In this course you will learn about what makes Luonto different. From our heritage to our production methods, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality and high value. Gain a better understanding about who we are and why we strive to create Fine Functional Furniture.

Performance Upholstery

Our upholster collection contains certain fabric lines which carry performance characteristics like AquaClean Technology, which enables water-only cleaning. Others such as SMART Fabric is a water resistant material that repels moisture, also resisting liquids that often cause staining. 

Learn Our Functions

Here at Luonto Furniture we love making function furniture. Understanding our innovative functions is essential in order to fully grasp our product offerings. In this course, you will learn each of our functions, and understand how each solves a different design/decor challenge.

Luonto Sales Training

Our sales training program is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of our company and products, including brand identity, market positioning, commitment to sustainable practices, and comprehensive knowledge of our products' features and benefits to help you communicate with customers and build strong relationships.