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Luonto Quality


From raw materials to production and customer service, we're committed to providing quality.

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With many functions, our multifunctional furniture selection is robust enough to offer a great solution to any sized space.

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Luonto Sustainable Manufacturing


Our sustainable practices are not a trend, rather they are built into who we are and where we come from.

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Founded in Finland in 1964

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Tiny house compatible sleeper sofa options, Free, Fantasy, Noah, Delta are some of the best options.

Sofa bed for small space apartment or Tiny Homes ?

We have large selection of different functions that are made to fit even to the smallest apartments in metro areas or if you own a tiny home we have solution for you.

One perfect function for small and narrow spaces is our Easy Deluxe Function, which opens only 18" from sofa seat.

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Founded in Finland

Since 1964

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