Performance Fabric

Hard working fabric helps you relax and worry less.


AquaClean Fabric

Our upholstery collection contains a variety of fabrics made with AquaClean technology. It is different from spray-on or surface coatings, AquaClean is a patented technology which engineers every fiber with a special hydrophobic barrier.

When the fiber is brought together into the fabric, its performance is integrated resulting in a longer lasting, more complete coverage, and requires only water to clean up any substance. Even felt-tip permanent markers won't stand a chance!

All AquaClean Fabrics carry the SafeFront® component. This features protection against viruses and bacteria.


SMART Fabric

This performance fabric line is a collection of high performing materials that not only resist stains, but are water repellent and easy to clean. These materials do not contain any harmful products and are made from 100% recycled polyester fibers.

Look for SMART in the performance column on our Upholstery Collection page