Perks of Luonto Partnership.

Partnering with Luonto Furniture means joining forces with a leader in sustainable, high-quality, and innovative furniture design. Discover the numerous incentives and advantages that make Luonto the perfect partner for your business.

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Competitive Pricing and Margins

Attractive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing models that maximize your profit margins while ensuring our products remain affordable for your customers.

Exclusive Discounts

Benefit from exclusive discounts and promotional offers* designed to support partner growth and success. *Enrollment required

Marketing Support

Comprensive Materials

Access our broad range of marketing materials

  • Printed Catalogs
  • Printed Tear Sheets
  • Product Imagery, Room Scenes, and Demonstration Videos
  • Social Media Content

Co-Branding Opportunities

Establish brand authority, improve customer confidence

  • Enhance Business Visibility
  • Attract More Customers
  • Boost Brand Authority

Audience Retention

Get our traffic locally directed to your business

  • We redirect our visitors to local partner stores
  • Every partner location is listed in our Retailer Locator, easily searchable by geolocation.
  • Enrich the experience, add website, phone number, location(s), and more.

Training & Development

Product Training

Receive thorough product training to ensure your sales team is knowledgeable and confident to promote and sell Luonto Furniture.

Sales Strategies

Receive sales strategies and tips from our experienced team to boost your sales performance. Together with our dedicated sales staff, customer service, and sales manager, we help you put a comprehensive sales strategy to work.

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Dedicated Support & Services

a person is typing on a computer keyboard

Customer Service

Our dedicated team is always available to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring a smooth partnership experience.

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Efficient Logistics

Enjoy efficient logistics with timely deliveries, ensuring your inventory is always well-stocked, and you are well-informed. 

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After-Sales Support

Benefit from robust after-sales support, including access to our quality control for servicing and warranty repair services.

How to Get Started

Fill out our online application to start the process. Our Sales Manager will reach out to discuss more about partnership opportunities and how you can become a Luonto Furniture Authorized Retailer.