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Sometimes damages or issues happen. That's why we are here to support you, with our online Ticket Filing System.

Each ticket is unique and requires a little effort on everyone's part to make the process as smooth as possible.

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How to Submit a Ticket?

Please be sure to include in the ticket at least one of each of the required files, these photos will help us identify the item, the actual production and shipment date. Failure to include these required photo types as described below will cause delays in the ticket resolution. 

Manufacturing Tag

The manufacturing tag is located under the arm or on the bottom of the sofa. Please take the photo of it upon receipt of the product.

Photo of damage from 6-10ft

Take a photo of the damage showing and showing its location. Take photo standing 6-10ft away. This makes easier to our team to identify the correct component for the solution.

Closeup photo of the  issue

Take a closeup photo of the damage of the product. This helps our team identify the damage, determine its cause, and find a solution for the ticket quickly and smoothly.

Our manufacturing claims are less than 2%

Has been over 55 years and will always be!