Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately not, we don’t have a way to locate your order. You’ll have to ask the retailer for more information, or ask them to reach out to us if they don’t have the information.

Any standard sheets will fit our sleepers**. If you have a Full XL sleeper, make sure to purchase Full XL sheets instead if Full, as the bed is longer than a traditional Full. Fitted sheets of the correct size will fit around the perimeter of the bed and stay in place without issue, but there may be some fabric bunching on the sides of the bed since the mattress is thinner than a regular bed.

You can also let them know we sell mattress protectors. Our mattress protectors are essentially a thicker fitted sheet, so if they are still unsure about how a fitted sheet would fit over the sleeper,  there’s a video on our YouTube showing how to use the mattress protector.

**You will need flat sheets for the Delta or the Flipper Sectional, as they don’t really have a place to tuck in the sheets. They can be held in place with a sheet fastener.

Unfortunately prices are set by our Authorized Retailers. You will need to reach out to a retailer to obtain pricing.

Unfortunately not at this time.

It can be done, however we discourage it as it voids the warranty.

Every seat back cushion uses a custom cushion insert with chambered filling. This enables us to vary upper and lower cushion density providing increased lumbar support in every cushion for optimal comfort. Our back cushions are often shaped also increasing the lumbar comfort experience. 

Some of our designs have Insertable Lumbar cushions that can be added/removed as necessary to offer increased comfort customization, see Delta and Noah

Please reach out to the retailer where you bought the item so they can file a claim.

Please reach out to your preferred retailer to request swatches. Please note we have a limit of 3 per customer.

 Yes, most do with only the legs requiring assembly to the frame. 

The arms can be disassembled, and in some cases the back rest also (although more involved). Any furniture disassembly will void the warranty unless disassembly instructions are strictly followed. Please submit a request to our Help Center with the product name, function as well as the reason for disassembly. One of our Help Center moderators will be able to assist you.

Yes, however available for Made to Order only.

To sit upright, using the bed as a chaise we require a Made to Order only "Nest Lux" upgrade to be added to the design. With the addition of nest support leg(s), the mechanism is supported at the back of the middle mattress section preventing misuse of the sleeper and in some cases damage to the mechanism.

Yes, however available for Made to Order only.

 You can refer to the Upholstery Guide for cleaning instructions. 

All of our furniture uses a combination of birch plywood and nordic spruce, both of which have complementary properties for high quality furniture. The strength and rigidity of plywood offers consistent results while nordic spruce, once used as viking sail masts, is strong but flexible which translates very well for furniture. 

We source the highest quality materials available, and pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our materials and final product.

Our standard use foam is used for our seats, mattresses, and sometimes back cushions, it is high resilience (HR) cold-cured foam with 2.2 pound medium density. This cold-cured HR foam offers a high quality comfort for more than ten years of consistent and even use, and out performs both latex and memory foam cushions.

All our foam meets Californian fire regulations without any added fire retardants and carries the European standard CertiPUR certification for outgassing and material safety.

The majority of our upholsteries come from European fabric mills. While all of our upholstery carries distinguishing certificates such as Oeko-Tex and REACH, and have exceptional results in upholstery performance tests.

Product dimensions can be found on product pages as well as the product specification sheets available for download on every product page.