This is Our Story


The Beginning

Founded in Finland by Pentti Viitala, who started by reupholstering used sofas in a hay barn on his family farm and selling them door-to-door in his small town of Kurikka.

Built on the idea to make high quality furniture available for  fair prices.

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Late 1960s

Family Affair

The business became a family affair with Pentti’s family assisting in the production process.

Timo, Pentti’s son, now Chair of the Board, helping by pressing buttons.

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Schoolhouse Days

The Viitala family lived and operated a factory from an old village schoolhouse. During this time, the transition was made to manufacturing new sofas.

Late 1970s

To reduce lead times and meet the rising demand, the family began to warehouse the raw materials required for the expanding production line.

Trucks were purchased & delivery services expanded all over Finland.

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Finnish Growth Years

Operations expanded after acquiring a local sawmill, which allowed the inclusion of the frame-building step. A B2B sales model was initiated, and 20 full-time employees were hired for production 
and sales.

Construction of the Kurikka factory began (pictured). And to highlight the significance of this time, Pentti and Viola (wife) named their children as partners in the business.

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Timo Viitala, a born leader and visionary with an intimate understanding of the business was named CEO. Today, Timo remains an active member of our team as Chairman of the Board where he continues to mentor and share his vision for the future.

Late 1990s

Just in time when Western Asia started reconstruction, Timo saw the opportunity to sell furniture to the new market. In fact, this decision shielded the business from much of the effects of the recession that gripped Scandinavia during that same time.

This period also saw the completion of the second production line equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.


Further Expansion

The business continued to expand, acquiring a third production line and 400 full-time employees.

The new output capability supported the export market and the supply of furniture to roughly 550 retailer locations across 15 countries.

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A New Chapter

Luonto Furniture, Inc. established a strong footing in North America in 2012.

By 2019, the headquarters and warehousing were brought together by opening the Luonto Distribution Center with close access to the ports of Charleston, SC.

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Setting the Pace

Despite market disruptions in 2020, planning ahead and preparing for recovery was possible due to strong relationships with vendors.

Investment in advanced manufacturing methods was made for future functionality.

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After 60 Years

Upholding the original vision of offering high quality furniture at fair prices, we continue to grow with a network of 400 authorized retailers, adding more each week.