Technical Specifications

Origin : Designed in Finland. Made in Europe
Frame : FSC Certified Birch Plywood. PEFC Solid Nordic Spruce
Filling : CertiPUR-EU Certified Cold Cured High Resilient Foam. Fiber-filled Back Cushions. contains 75% recycled fiber
Function : Nest Function

General Measures

(A) Height: 32.25 inches
(B) Depth: 39.75 inches
(C) Arm Height: 24.75 inches
(D) Seat Height: 17.75 inches
(E) Seat Depth: 20.75 inches
(F) Chaise Depth: 62.25 inches
Open From Wall: 84.75 inches

Stock Frame Dimensions

Frame SKU Name Dimensions Bed Size Weight Volume Assembly
MONI-DNT Sofa 86.50x39.75x32.25 King 76x80 243 lbs 60 ft3 Legs
MONI-CNT Max Loveseat 70x39.75x32.25 Queen 60x80 210 lbs 49 ft3 Legs
MONI-BNT Loveseat 65x39.75x32.25 Full XL 55x80 197 lbs 49 ft3 Legs
MAVE-ANT Chair 39.75x39.75x32.25 Cot 30x80 126 lbs 30 ft3 Legs

Made To Order Module Dimensions

Frame SKU Name Dimensions Bed Size Weight Volume Assembly
FLEX-A28 Armless Chair 27.50x39.25x32.25 40 lbs 17.50 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-B55 Armless Loveseat 55x39.25x32.25 77 lbs 36 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-E83 Armless Sofa 82.75x39.25x32.25 132 lbs 56.50 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-H Square Corner 39.75x39.75x32.25 64 lbs 25 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-FOU Armless Chaise - Openable 27.50x62.25x32.25 66 lbs 28.50 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-ANT30 Armless Chair 30x39.25x32.25 Cot 30x80 125 lbs 30 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-BNT55 Armless Loveseat 55x39.25x32.25 Full XL 55x80 196 lbs 49 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-CNT60 Armless Loveseat 60.25x39.25x32.25 Queen 60x80 209 lbs 40 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-DNT76 Armless Sofa 76x39.25x32.25 King 76x80 242 lbs 60 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-K3L Sloped Arm LHF 5.75x38.25x22 20 lbs 4.50 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-K3R Sloped Arm RHF 5.75x38.25x22 20 lbs 4.50 ft3 Moderate
FLEX-QO Ottoman - Openable 25.50x34.75x15.75 48 lbs 7 ft3 Legs

Comfort / Construction

Seat Cushion Medium Cold Cured HR Foam (2.2 lbs Density). Tight
Back Cushion Chambered / Fiber Filled by Weight. Loose
Additional Cushions None
Additional Features None
Available Upgrades Lux Upgrade (support leg + full upholstery). Insertable headrests.


Fabrics Choose from A / B / C / D / E Grades
Leathers Choose from 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / Prescott Grades


Leg Options Choose a Leg Style and Finish 104/9 (Natural. Walnut. Wenge. White. Oak. Black). 234/9 (Chrome. Black)
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