AquaClean Performance Fabric

This demonstration of removing pens stains from AquaClean upholstery using only water. AquaClean technology Our upholstery collection contains a variety of fabrics made with AquaClean technology. It is different from spray-on or surface coatings, AquaClean is a patented technology which engineers every fiber with a special hydrophobic barrier. When the fiber is brought together into the fabric, its performance is integrated resulting in a longer lasting, more complete coverage, and requires only water to clean up any substance. Even felt-tip permanent markers won't stand a chance! All AquaClean Fabrics carry the SafeFront® component. This features protection against viruses and bacteria. #luonto #luontofurniture #aquaclean #performance #performancefabric Follow us on social media on every platform @luontofurniture

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