Soft Antique

12 Available Colors
Contents : 100% Color-Dyed & Corrected Top Grain Leather

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  • Luonto | Upholstery

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Details: Soft Antique is a top-grain furniture leather that has been carefully processed to impart a specific pattern. During its production, efforts have been made to minimize natural blemishes like scars, wrinkles, and insect bites. Stands up well against color fading, it's natural for its shade to evolve and develop character with use and exposure to light. A protective layer on its surface ensures easier maintenance and cleaning.


Luonto | Upholstery Soft-Antique 0000 - Chicago or Soft-Antique 0100 - Crow or Soft-Antique 0127 - Silk Gray or Soft-Antique 1100 - Navajo or Soft-Antique 1254 - Dandy or Soft-Antique 1609 - Cumin or Soft-Antique 1725 - Tosca or Soft-Antique 2215 - Punga or Soft-Antique 4100 - Dull Gray or Soft-Antique 4340 - Ship Grey or Soft-Antique 7300 - Pavlova or Soft-Antique 9030 - Whiskey