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Martta Full XL Sleeper Sectional (Reversible Chaise)

This narrow space sleeper offers ample storage and sleeping area. Martta is paired with the Flip Function, and is fully upholstered so it can remain open and in style as a triple chaise.

19 Available Colors
Contents : 90% Recycled Polyester (R-PES), 10% Polyester (PES)
Oeko-Tex, REACH | Martindale : 95,000 | Cleaning : HW / SW
Grade C

31 Available Colors
Contents : 56% Recycled Polyester (R-PES), 8% Recycled Cotton (R-CO), 36% Polyester (PES) | REACH | Martindale : 40,000 | Cleaning : HW / SW
Grade D

22 Available Colors
Contents : 75% Recycled Polyester (R-PES), 25% Polyester (PES)
Oeko-Tex, REACH | Martindale : 80,000 | Cleaning : HW / SW
Grade D

22 Available Colors
Contents : 100% Polyester (PES)
Oeko-Tex | Martindale : 100,000 | Cleaning : HW / SW
Grade C

2 Available Colors
Contents : 60% Polyester (PES), 40% Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)
REACH | Martindale : 26,000 | Cleaning : HW / SW
Grade A
Haven King Size Sofa Sleeper

This plush design is luxurious with a deep seat and high leg. Haven uses our Hybrid Deluxe function offering a single motion sleeper, getting you to bed quickly.
Aura Queen Size Loveseat Sleeper

This is a design that caters to all people, with its accommodating welted arms, it is a beauty to look at and wonderful to feel, sitting or sleeping.
Liam Sofa Chaise Sectional (Reversible Chaise)

This deep seat sectional is called Liam, using a super soft 2.2 density foam, this design offers unparalleled comfort. Its deep lounging seat comes standard with lumbar cushions giving you the support where needed. Liam’s beautiful high legs provide the sectional with great modern appeal.