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How to tell if a SKU contains a sleeper?

Justin Kaufman

Use the Function code abbreviation to identify if there is a sleeper in the SKU.

Function Code Keys

BK - Bunk Bed

ED - Easy Deluxe

FL - Flip

HD - Hybrid Deluxe

HY - Hybrid

LV - Level

MV - Move

NT - Nest

SD - Slide

A SKU with a function appears like this:


Breaking it down

MONI = Monika (Products are shortened to the first four letters)

D = Size (D=King Sofa, See this post for more about this)

NT = Nest Function

OLIV = Upholstery Collection (First four letters)

173 = Upholstery Color Code

234/9 = Leg Style

WA = Leg Finish (Walnut)