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No matter the square footage of your home, you’ll likely never forfeit the opportunity for a little extra storage. As the maker of Fine Functional Furniture, we see to it that any opportunity for storage is taken. This is why we have many of the most storage savvy functional furniture available on the market. 

Known mainly for our sleeper selection – which is expansive – our storage solutions are easy to miss, since our designs elegantly hide many of the compartments out of sight.

Top 5 Designs for Storage​

5. Dolphin Loveseat Chaise

The Dolphin is a chic style with its oblong arm shape and round, plush seat, neither you nor your guest would suspect its storage location from sitting on this design. 

This design is particularly unique with two large storage boxes. To open the first, simple lift the chaise open. This reveals a massive storage area, excellent for pillow, blankets, or other daily/day-to-day items. The second storage box is secretly hidden beneath the seat. Lift from the front of the loveseat cushion, step backward, and you’ll reveal fully finished storage compartment great for pillows, sheets, and blankets. An excellent place to keep guest bedding for the Dolphin’s Full Extra Long Bed.

4. Halti Sectional Sleeper

One of the most feature-packed designs in our collection, Halti offers a contemporary style while giving you all the adjustability to make you comfortable no matter how you’d like to sit, lounge or sleep.

One of its super-functional features is the huge storage box hidden secretly beneath the chaise. It provides ample space for blankets, pillows, guest bedding, decor items, or just about anything you wish to keep out of sight. Opening and closing the chaise is a breeze with the assistance of gas springs to help offset the furniture’s weight.

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3. Flex (Full XL Size) Loveseat Chaise Sleeper

This design is capable of much versatility. From our quick shipping In-Stock Program, our Full XL Size Loveseat Chaise Sleeper variation of Flex offers a reversible storage chaise excellent for helping you keep any space tidy. 

Flex is also available from our special Made to Order program, with a variety of modules that you can select from to build your ultimate sectional design. Add one chaise or as many as you need, also available is a storage ottoman to really scratch that itch for storage.

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2. Delta Loveseat Chaise Sleeper

This modern design is sleek and multifunctional. Height adjustable back cushions offer unique adjustability for tall folks, while still catering to less tall individuals. Delta includes a storage chaise that is reversible, and sizable. 

There’s plenty of room for bedding, pillows, decor items, or anything you’d like to tuck out of sight in the room. The finished birch plywood box ensures items are secure when stowed.

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1. Fantasy (Easy Deluxe) Sofa Sleeper

This three seat sofa is modest in appearance with medium track arms and simple shaped design. However this sleeper design is a powerhouse for small space solutions. 

Lift the seat up and out to open its under-seat storage box. This solution reduces the need for extra storage furniture, and simply makes use of an otherwise unused area of your space. Great for bedding, pillows, decor items, etc. Fantasy Easy Deluxe Sleeper has the storage, and the sleeping solution for any size space.

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Stop forfeiting the space under your furniture. 

With our functional furniture, you can take control of your space and organize your home. Here at Luonto, our commitment to quality transcends our furniture so you can live a high quality life.

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