Showcase at the High Point Market
New Space, New Product, 60th Year Anniversary

As we celebrated our 60th year of crafting high-quality furniture, the recent High Point Market was not merely an event, but a testament to Luonto Furniture’s enduring legacy and innovation. The inauguration of our brand new showroom space marked the beginning of this significant market event, elevating the celebration of our landmark anniversary. We were delighted to welcome every visitor who came to immerse themselves in the fine furniture experience that defines Luonto. Our heartfelt appreciation extends to each individual who joined us in commemorating this pivotal moment.

Every piece showcased at the High Point Market narrates our ongoing journey towards sustainable, high-quality, and comfortable furniture. The positive reception propels us forward in our quest to craft pieces that transition a house into a home.

To provide a comprehensive glimpse of the market experience, we have assembled a Market Walkthrough video series. We invite you to navigate through our new showroom space and the innovative designs virtually by watching the embedded playlist below.

Our gratitude is boundless for every handshake, every shared smile, and every piece of insightful feedback. Here’s to many more years of innovation and forging ahead together in this endeavor.

Watch the Walkthrough

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