Martindale Abrasion Test

What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters

What is the Martindale Abrasion Test?

Martindale abrasion test refers to the testing of textile products using Martindale’s standard system and tests the abrasion resistance of fabric. Abrasion resistance is a number rating measuring the resistance of a fabric to other materials in the process of repeated friction.

Pilling resistance is an important numeral rating for fabrics, and directly affects the durability of a product. The Martindale abrasion test is used to test the abrasion and pilling resistance of fabric.

How it Works

The test is rather simple: using a specialized machine, the fabric is first loaded to the stage, then a small abrasive disc is rubbed against the fabric in an oscillating circle motion. The test uses multiple abrasive materials from napped wool to wire mesh to test the durability of the fabric. 

This oscillating rubbing motion simulates natural wear of arms and seats, offering relevant insight to its real-world performance.

About the Test Results

Most commonly, Martindale tests are performed based on the specimen breakage method. In this test, the abrasion cycles are maintained until any small error in the fabric is detected, once there is a change, the test stops and the rating is established. Usually measured in intervals of 1000 rounds, this kind of test is among the best methods for testing fabric durability.

See our upholstery Martindale Rating, listed on each upholstery swatch. 

Reading the Rating

A Martindale rating can fall into any one of 5 levels of quality.

1.    Decorative Uses : Fewer than 1000
2.    Occasional Uses : 10,000 to 15,000
3.    Heavy Duty Uses : 25,000 to 30,000
4.    Commercial Uses : More than 30,000
5.    Incident & Pet Resistant : More than 50,000

On Average, Our Upholstery is Rated at 64,000 Rounds
With the lowest at 30,000 and the highest at 150,000 rounds

Selecting Fabric For Your Home

In order to find an upholstery best suited for your situation, consider how your furniture will be used, in what location will it be placed, if any pets will frequent the area. With these crucial conditions, you can choose the most fitting level of durability for your home.

Our selection of fabrics maintain our standards, and match a level of durability intended to last the lifespan of the furniture we upholstery – 10 years or more. That said, many of our fabrics safely reside in the “More than 50,000” group level, so your choice isn’t limited by performance needs.

Discover for yourself our collection of high quality fabrics. It’s easy, visit our Upholstery collection and you’ll find the corresponding Martindale Rating on each fabric page.

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