Made To Order Introductions
Introducing Saana, Koli and Flex Modular Systems

Introducing New MTO Modular Systems

We are excited to be unveiling all new Made To Order function-specific modular design systems to make ordering customer configured function furniture easier. Each of these designs will be featured at High Point Market, supplemented by all our supporting point-of-purchase materials.

Please take a few minutes to explore the following three frames, then get excited to experience each in-person in our showroom next month!

Koli - Easy Deluxe Function Modular System

We're excited to introduce our new special order Koli modular sofa design, which allows you to select from 26 unique modules to create your ultimate customized sofa.

Koli offers a range of Full size sleeper modules, from regular to extra long, along with stationary seats, 2 corner options, chaise lounges, an ottoman, and various arm widths - empowering you to configure your perfect design.

It features our Easy Deluxe sleeper mechanism for seamless transition from sofa to bed in a dual motion, and includes under seat storage. Koli has a low 2.5 inch leg height for superior comfort.
Personalize further with add-ons like universal headrests, decorative cushions, mattress protectors, and cupholder armrests.

With its versatile modular components, Koli enables you to design a sofa tailored exactly to your lifestyle and interior décor. See our catalog for design ideas, and begin crafting your custom Koli sofa today!

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Saana- Level Function Modular System

Introduced last Fall, it will have all new POP support to assist your sales.

We are thrilled to refresh you on the launch of our Saana modular sofa system. With Saana, you can create your dream sofa configuration by choosing from over 30 interchangeable modules.

Select from 4 sleeper sizes, including king, queen, full XL, and cot, to accommodate overnight guests. Stationary seats, power recliners, chaise lounges, corners, and ottomans allow you to customize the shape. With a variety of arm widths available, you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Our flagship Level Function sleeper mechanism smoothly transitions the sofa into a bed in one seamless motion. At just 2.5 inches high, Saana has a low profile frame for optimal comfort. Further personalize your Saana modular sofa with universal headrests, decorative pillows, mattress protectors, and even cupholder armrests. The possibilities are endless!

For more inspiration and ideas on how to design your perfect sofa, be sure to check out our new catalog 'Functional By Design.' Saana's modular system enables you to create a sofa that's uniquely you. Start customizing your Saana modular sofa masterpiece!

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Flex - Nest Function Modular System

Reminder: Flex is a Made To Order Modular System. 

We're delighted to remind you of our Made To Order Flex modular sofa design, empowering you to choose from 30 unique modules to configure your ultimate custom sofa.

Flex offers 4 sleeper sizes ranging from King to Cot, plus stationary seats, a corner, chaise lounges, an ottoman, and a variety of arm styles and widths - including rolled, sloped, track and tapered - for you to tailor your perfect design.

It pairs with our Nest dual-motion sleeper mechanism that easily converts from sofa to bed in two parts. Flex has a 3.5 inch leg height that provides an 18 inch seated height for optimal comfort. Further personalize your Flex sofa with add-ons like universal headrests, decorative cushions, mattress protectors, and cupholder armrests.

With its unparalleled modularity, Flex enables you to imagine, design, and create your dream sofa. See our catalog for inspiration, and contact us today to bring your ideal Flex modular sofa to life!

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