Introducing New Function and Designs

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Introducing Hybrid Deluxe and New Designs: Haven, Aura and Luka

We are excited to share our latest innovations in furniture design: the groundbreaking Hybrid Deluxe function and our new designs, Aura and Luka. Join us in this blog post as we dive into the features and benefits of these exciting additions to the Luonto Furniture lineup.

Our commitment to innovation and functionality is evident in our latest offerings, to be unveiled at Spring Market in IHFC D-1036.

Hybrid Deluxe: A Blend of Form and Function

Building on the popularity of our Hybrid Function, we've taken it to the next level with Hybrid Deluxe. We have simplified the user experience, making it easier than ever to enjoy with just a single motion. Hybrid Deluxe is now available with both high leg and deep seat designs, ensuring optimal comfort and style.

Experience Hybrid Deluxe at Spring Market
Be sure to join us at Spring Market for an exclusive reveal of Hybrid Deluxe, and experience the seamless blend of form and function. You won't want to miss this opportunity to see our innovative new function in action.

New Designs: Haven, Aura and Luka

In addition to Hybrid Deluxe, we're also introducing Haven, Aura and Luka, three new designs that perfectly complement our existing lineup. Let's take a closer look at each of these beautiful pieces.

Haven: Deep and High Paired with Hybrid Deluxe Function

Haven is a new functional design that offers height and depth unlike anything else in our collection. Paired with our newly developed Hybrid Deluxe Function, Haven sleeper is available from King to Cot, but for now, we are showing it in King and Queen sizes.

  • Thin arms with soft pillowed back cushions
  • High leg design keeps you up off the floor.
  • Soft deep seat, Hybrid Deluxe offers a familiar function but in one motion.

Aura: Timeless Elegance with Nest Function

Aura, a timeless design with a traditional welted arm and standard height back, is enhanced with our renowned Nest function. It's an excellent match for our Welted lounger, providing a touch of classic elegance to any living space.

  • Traditional welted arm design
  • Standard height back for optimal comfort
  • Effortlessly pairs with our Welted lounger

Luka: Modern Style with Level Function

Luka, on the other hand, is a contemporary addition that pairs beautifully with our Level function. This modern design is a fresh and stylish option for those seeking something new and exciting.

  • Contemporary design for a fresh look
  • Perfectly paired with our Level function
  • Great addition to modern living spaces

Visit Luonto Furniture at Spring Market

Don't miss out on your chance to explore our newest offerings, including Hybrid Deluxe, Haven, Aura, and Luka. Be sure to visit our showroom at Spring Market in IHFC D-1036, and discover what makes our products truly special.

Stay tuned for the upcoming market walkthrough video. We will summarize the show and offer you the ability to virtually experience or re-experience this High Point Market Show.

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