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The Luonto Warranty and Other Ways to Ensure Longevity

When you invest in Luonto furniture, you're choosing high-quality, functional pieces designed to optimize your living space. To demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction, we provide a generous warranty and comprehensive maintenance tips. This article will outline the Luonto Warranty, the superior materials and construction behind our furniture, and helpful maintenance tips to ensure your Luonto furniture stands the test of time.

The Luonto Warranty

Generous Protection for High-Quality Furniture.

  1. Warranty Coverage & Periods – Our warranty covers a range of aspects to protect your investment, including:
    1. Frames & Springs : 10 years
    2. Mechanisms : 2 years
    3. Cushion Cores : 2 years
    4. Fabric : 1 year
    5. Please note the warranty does not cover normal wear, misuse or accidents.
  2. The Warranty Process – To benefit from our warranty, follow these steps:
    1. Register your purchase online after receiving your furniture.
    2. In case of defects, report the issue to the Luonto Authorized Retailer where you have made the purchase. Be sure to provide proof of purchase, photos, and a description of the problem.
    3. Our Quality Control team will work closely with the store to assess the claim and offer a guide through the resolution process, which may include repair or replacement of the affected component, if deemed necessary.

Superior Materials and Construction

The Backbone of Luonto's Quality and Durability

  1. Furniture Construction and Durability – Luonto furniture is designed to strike a balance between rigidity and flexibility, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability. We use hardwood Birch plywood and Nordic Spruce for sturdy frames and employ strong joinery techniques to enhance stability.
  2. Functional Furniture : Innovative Solutions for Modern Living – Our functional furniture offers creative solutions for modern homes, providing sleeping, storage, and adjustable options to cater to various needs. With our extensive range of designs and collections, you're sure to find the perfect piece for your living space.

Sofa Maintenance

Prolonging the Lifespan and Comfort of Your Luonto Furniture

  1. Fluffing and Rotating Cushions – To maintain your sofa's appearance and comfort, fluff cushions regularly and rotate back cushions for even wear. The frequency of fluffing depends on usage, with more frequent sitting requiring more frequency.
  2. Fixing Sagging and Smoothing Seat Cushions – Address sagging and puddling by redistributing filling and smoothing out seat cushions. Regular attention to these issues can prevent long-term damage and maintain the sofa's appearance and support.
  3. Checking and Tightening Frame Bolts – Inspect and tighten frame bolts periodically to ensure your sofa remains secure and stable. If bolts are severely damaged or worn, contact a professional furniture repair service for assistance.
  4. Cleaning and Caring for Upholstery – Keep your upholstery looking its best by spot cleaning stains, deep cleaning, and dusting as needed. Use appropriate cleaning solutions and methods based on your upholstery type, and take advantage of performance fabrics like AquaClean and Smart Fabrics for easy maintenance.

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The Summary

By understanding and taking advantage of the Luonto Warranty, appreciating the high-quality materials and construction behind our furniture, and following our maintenance tips, you can enjoy a comfortable, functional living space for years to come. Trust in Luonto Furniture to deliver the perfect blend of quality, innovation, and style.

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