Enhance Your Retail Space

with Luonto Furniture’s Point of Purchase Tear Sheets

Transforming the furniture shopping experience into a seamless and informed journey is at the forefront of Luonto Furniture’s mission. We are proud to introduce our innovative Point of Purchase Tear Sheet tool, designed to work in perfect harmony with our branded floor point of purchase product stands. Each tear sheet is meticulously tailored to a specific product, ensuring that every piece of information a customer needs to make a quick and informed decision is readily available.

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In-Harmony with Branded Product Stands

Our branded floor point of purchase product stands are an integral part of the Luonto Furniture retail experience. The introduction of the Point of Purchase Tear Sheet tool takes this experience to a whole new level, providing a seamless flow of information directly to the customer. Each product on the retail floor is now accompanied by a detailed and informative tear sheet, ensuring that every query is answered without delay.

Precision of Information

Understanding that each product has its unique characteristics and appeal, we have gone the extra mile to tailor each tear sheet to the specific product it represents. This bespoke approach ensures that the information provided is precise, relevant, and invaluable in aiding quick decision-making.

Luonto Product sheet for Harper, shows all stock options of Harper on front, and all Made to Order options on the reverse.

Empowering Retailers & Customers Alike

The Point of Purchase Tear Sheet tool is designed to empower. For customers, it means access to all the necessary information to make a confident choice. For retailers, it represents an opportunity to elevate the in-store experience and facilitate smoother customer interactions.

Confidence in Clarity

Time is of the essence, and our tear sheets are designed to respect that. Customers can now access a wealth of product information instantly, ensuring that their time on the retail floor is well spent. The clarity and conciseness of the tear sheets make for a user-friendly experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and efficiency in decision-making.

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Note: Tear sheets are designed to be inserted into the Product Floor Stands. Please indicate whether you have 1 floor stand per product, and if you would like to add them to your tear sheet request. Floor Stands will ship with your next furniture order. 

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