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High Point Market Fall 2022

High Point Market Summary

We are particularly excited to reveal the new designs we introduced to our in-stock program which will all be available by the end of this year and before spring of 2023. These designs include Martta, Dolphin, Belton, Liam, and leather Track lounger in Labrador 05 and Soft Antique 4340.

In addition to these additions, you can explore the new MTO options available in the recent 2023 price lists including Grail Reclining Sofa, and the Saana MTO Design System for the loved Level Function.

The Walkthrough

Watch the walkthrough video from market as a refresher, or see the designs for the first time. Either way it's packed with product knowledge! 



Product Refreshes

As we are closing out 2022, it is important to be aware of some refreshes to our In-Stock product availability. We will be making the following additions :

  • Fantasy (Level) : Rene 01, 04 are accompanying the Fun covers
  • Elfin (Nest) : Rene 01 is accompanying Lens 700 covers
  • Flex (Nest) : Atlantic 03 is accompanying Lens 212
  • Martta (Flip) : Arriving to Stock Program in 2023 in Atlantic 07
  • Halti (Move) : Atlantic 02 is accompanying Lens 700
  • Fantasy (Easy Deluxe) : Rene 01, 04 are accompanying the Fun covers
  • Liam : Arriving to Stock Program in 2022 in Atlantic 01

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