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We partner with community-trusted brick-and-mortar retail locations to sell our functional furniture in North America.

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High Quality with a Focused on Function

Luonto Furniture specializes in fine functional furniture. We believe the home is a place which should support your lifestyle. With our functional furniture, you can do more living in the space you have.

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Sustainable From the Start

Our sustainable manufacturing practices are just part of our heritage, it's done simply because it's who we are and where we come from.

Our high quality furniture is crafted with specific intent to last more than 10 years. With both materials and assembly methodology, every product is built with a repairability mindset, significantly reducing product waste in our planet.

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Certified for a Healthier Home

Every product carries a series of material certifications, our promise that your comfort shouldn't compromise your health. Our product certifications include CertiPUR-EU foam, Oeko-Tex and REACH upholsteries, FSC and PEFC on all our wooden components.

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