The Power of Wood
The Impacts of Wood Selection in Upholstered Furniture

🎧 Quality Begins with Wood Selection

You may not consider the type of wood used in your upholstered furniture, but you should. The wood used is just as important as the fabric and design of the piece. When it comes to high-quality functional furniture, the wood used is a crucial component. At Luonto Furniture, we pride ourselves on using only the best materials, and that includes our wood selection.

When it comes to upholstered furniture, the wood used is typically hidden from sight. However, it's no less important than any other component. The wood is the foundation of the piece and it determines how strong and sturdy the furniture will be. That's why we use only the best wood types for our upholstered furniture. Nordic Spruce and Birch Plywood are two of the best materials for creating furniture frames that are built to last.

Nordic Spruce

Nordic Spruce is a solid wood known for its flexibility and strength. Although spruce is generally a softwood, the Spruce grown in the northern European climate produces tight rings that create strong and flexible material. In fact, this type of spruce has been historically used for Viking ship masts. The combination of strength and flexibility is ideal for upholstered furniture frames, which need to withstand weight and movement without breaking or bending. Additionally, Nordic Spruce is sustainably managed providing us with an ideal material for our product, our environment, and your home.

Birch Plywood

Another important wood we use is Birch Plywood. Birch plywood is strong, rigid, and perfect for creating furniture frames that are built to last. The veneer layers in the plywood are cross-laminated, which makes it resistant to warping, splitting, and cracking. This type of wood is used in our high-quality furniture manufacturing because of its durability and stability. Birch plywood is also resistant to moisture, which means it won't expand or contract as much as other types of wood when exposed to humidity or temperature changes.

When it comes to upholstered furniture, the wood is the foundation of the piece, and it's what holds everything together. If the wood is of low quality or not strong enough, the piece won't last as long as it should. That's why we choose to use only the best wood types for our upholstered furniture.

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Investing in furniture made with high-quality wood is a wise choice. You're not only investing in something that will last for years to come, but you're also investing in something that can withstand everyday use. When you buy furniture made with Nordic Spruce and Birch Plywood, you're investing in furniture that is built to last.

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The wood in furniture, though often out of sight, is the backbone of the piece. In this episode we review why it's the foundation that determines the strength and durability of the furniture. Selecting the best wood combination is paramount to creating practical and functional designs that stand the test of time.

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