Top 5 Designs for Small Spaces
Narrow, Shallow, or Tiny, We Have a Solution

What are the best designs to consider if you are trying to add functionality to your home? This list of our top 5 small space designs are particularly useful for smaller than average room size. We consider the room width and its depth as they are important when choosing the optimal design.

5.  Chair Sleepers

In our 2023 product catalog, we have a wide selection of chair sleepers available with a variety of styles, features and functions. Here we'll highlight three to offer an overview of this category.

Fantasy, Casey, Monika

Don’t let its simplicity fool you, our chair sleeper are simple mechanisms to operate. In a matter of moments, these chairs transform from a seat to a cot bed. each of these sleepers opens outward, you’ll sleep perpendicular from the wall. Their beds are 30 inches wide by 80 inches long; just the right amount of space for one person. 

Interested in seeing more?

4.  Space Saving Loveseat Chaises

Delta, Noah

Sometimes rooms are not an ideal size for typical out-from-the-wall beds. Traditional solutions can be tight when in use or just too bulky for temporary operation. Our arm-to-arm sleeper solutions offer a unique ability to stretch out while not impeding too much into the room. Delta and Noah are two designs offering the same functionality; height adjustable comfort, a reversible storage chaise, and a Full Extra Long bed (that can double as a triple chaise).

See all the Flip Function designs.

3.  Narrow Space Sofa Sleepers

Fantasy, Rosalind, Dolphin

This sleeper style is an excellent solution for long and narrow spaces, areas where there is relatively high traffic, and the walkway cannot be restricted. Our Easy Deluxe Function offers the true 55 inch wide full size you expect while only entering the room by 16 to 18 inches (depending on the design). With the added benefit of under seat storage, this sleeper lends a helping hand to keep your space looking clean and tidy.

Explore all the Easy Deluxe Styles.

2.  Maximize the Width


Specifically designed for condo-living, this sleeper with storage chaise although small has huge capabilities. With a width of only 81 inches, Pint contains a true full extra long bed 55 inches by 80 inches long, and a storage chaise for keeping smaller items out of sight. Don’t think for a second more that your size is too small, with Pint there may be opportunities just around the corner.  See Pint on our web catalog.


Similarly to with Pint, Elfin offers optimized functionality for its size. Within its slim arms, nests your option of a King, Queen, Full XL, or Cot bed. Of which, the Cot measures in at 34 inches wide, and the King at an astounding 80 inches width. This King sleeper will impress your guests with all the space they usually enjoy.  Elfin has four bed sizes, check them out.

1.  No Space Around? Go Up!


There are some interior space challenges that just don’t have the space to fit more than just a sofa. When it’s too cramped to open a sleeper out the front – even if it’s only 18 inches – why not go up?! With our impressive Bunk Bed Function, Elevate is the combination of a variety of patents and designs to enable the only safety certified bunk bed sleeper in North America. Considering the three stage locking system, its 220 pound weight capacity per bed, and hidden storage compartment, what’s not to love?

We are strong believers in “if there’s a will, there’s a way” and Elevate captures awe and wonder for good reason.  See all the details on Elevate >

Solutions for Any Size

Within our product line, we have countless solutions for all room size. To explore more, visit our website or look through our catalog at If watching is more helpful, head over to our YouTube Channel, where if you subscribe, you can keep up with all our new offerings

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